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ZAKA is Israel’s top rescue and recovery organization, with 3,000
volunteers ready 27/7 to respond to any disaster. Operating globally, ZAKA
provides swift, professional humanitarian aid, honoring all lives with dignity.

Leading Values

Sanctity of Life

We prioritize the preservation and honor of every life, acting swiftly and professionally to save lives.

Volunteerism and Service

Our diverse volunteers are ready 24/7 to provide compassionate, invaluable service locally and globally.

Unity and Solidarity

We bridge societal gaps, uniting people from all backgrounds to provide inclusive assistance and foster unity.

Professionalism in Rescue and Recovery

Our highly trained professionals use the latest tools and techniques to deliver the best emergency response.

Honoring the Dead

We uphold the highest respect and dignity for the deceased, fulfilling the greatest mitzvah with true virtue.

ZAKA is defined by its people-dedicated volunteers who tirelessly operate in rescue and recovery missions across Israel and the globe. These committed individuals respond to distress calls in disaster zones, offering immediate, skilled humanitarian aid and professional support. Their mission encompasses rescuing survivors and honoring the deceased, ensuring every victim receives their last honor. ZAKA’s volunteers embody the organization’s core values: providing swift, proficient aid worldwide, treating all individuals with respect and dignity regardless of religion, race, or creed, and upholding the Jewish value of Chesed Shel Emes (True Virtue). Through their compassion and professionalism, ZAKA’s people make a profound impact, shaping the organization into a beacon of hope &humanity.

Supported By

Many respected companies & organizations support ZAKA because they recognize the immense value it provides in humanitarian aid, disaster response, & honoring the deceased with dignity. Corporations benefit from tax deductions & enhance their corporate social responsibility profiles, which can lead to increased customer loyalty & employee satisfaction. Philanthropic efforts also differentiate them from competitors, fostering a positive brand image & community goodwill. Supporting ZAKA aligns with many companies’ values of compassion, community service, & global impact, reflecting their commitment to making a difference beyond the business world.

Individuals give to charity for numerous personal reasons, such as the desire to help others, give back to the community, & make a positive impact. For Jewish donors, supporting ZAKA resonates deeply with the value of tzedakah (charitable giving) & Chesed Shel Emes (true virtue), involving honoring the dead with the utmost respect. By supporting ZAKA, you join a community of compassionate, proactive individuals & organizations committed to saving lives, supporting disaster victims, & honoring every life with dignity.

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Zaka Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit in The United States.
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Donate now to HELP save lives! Donate now to HELP save lives!