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Our volunteers aiding Ukraine and rescuing civilians from the war zone – Help us save lives!

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ZAKA – Bringing them home

Since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine ZAKA’s volunteers have been working non-stop to help with the rescue of civilians from the war zone and bringing people from the Jewish community back to Israel, providing them safety and a new place to call home.


Why we do it?

Zaka’s assistance at these major catastrophes involving mass casualties led to their recognition by the United Nations as an ”International, Volunteer, Humanitarian Organization.” This UN recognition enables ZAKA to offer emergency assistance globally before the Country has formally sent a delegation requesting help. In a further attempt to shorten the response time to mass casualty incidents, ZAKA has trained local emergency response teams worldwide.

How you can save lives right now?

Now is your turn to open up your hearts and enable the esteemed ZAKA Organization to continue its vital work across the board. They cannot finance the entire running without you! With every dollar you give you are saluting the outstanding work in which ZAKA is engaged, and showing your appreciation for their selfless activities! In the merit of donating to this charity may you never need to use its services in any way. May we all merit seeing an end to human suffering with the entire elimination of ZAKA’s services, speedily in our days.
The opportunity to save lives is literally in your hands today.
Donate generously now!

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