הנושא – In honor and in loving memory of our baby girl, Orelle. אוראל בת דוד וחנה רחל

We named our daughter Orelle, which means light of G-d, a beautiful and holy light that was brought into our lives for just a short time. Orelle was a source of comfort and light to our family. Our hearts are completely shattered and our lives forever changed. Through a difficult hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancy, every day was tough but she was shining bright. It was on the fifth night of Chanukah, the festival of lights, when we learned that our baby girl had died. She was delivered on December 19, 2023 as a stillborn angel, the light of G-d. Through our deep loss and broken hearts, we have chosen to support Zaka in honor and in memory of our baby girl, Orelle.

During and after October 7th when over 1400 of our brothers and sisters were brutally murdered by terrorists, we held on to the hope and comfort of our beautiful baby’s soon arrival. Zaka searched and handled and continue to search and handle the remains of babies, children, and families on the aftermath of that day and ongoing. Zaka is a group of volunteers committed to a true chesed shel emes, and honoring the deceased. We partner together with Zaka to honor Orelle.

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The morning of October 7, will be forever etched in our memories.

After treating and paying last respect to all of our precious departed souls, rescuing the last of our wounded and cleaning every site while witnessing sights of sheer evil we never even imagined possible.

We now know for sure: The times have changed, the rules are changed and our work is now more important and necessary than ever.

Duby Weissenstern, CEO of ZAKA: “Each year our missions grow. We do our best to keep up, with no government funding, relying only on our incredible volunteers and the kindness of our loyal donors. We realize that If we wish to keep fulfilling our entire missions, we must grow our abilities! We tried to scream this for years, but unfortunately it was only the magnitude of the October 7 disaster which made it clear – Israel needs a stronger Zaka!

Stand with us. Help us go stronger! Israel needs Us! We need You.

Be a part of our holy mission!
Be our beacon of light!

Stand with Israel!
Stand with Zaka!
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Am Israel Hai 🇮🇱